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Council works with Bexley Mencap

posted 24 Aug 2011, 02:09 by Bexley Mencap   [ updated 7 Sep 2011, 01:38 ]

Following a meeting with Mark Charters, the Council’s Director of Education & Social Care, held at the request of Bexley Mencap, a new Reference Board has been established. Bexley Mencap had set out a number of concerns about the way the Council’s Learning Disability service was being delivered and the way it was communicating with people. The charity had suggested that its skills and experiences could be used to improve the situation.

Mark Charters listened carefully to these concerns and acknowledged that by working together, there was the scope for improvement. The new Reference Board has been set up to allow such joint working. The Council will be represented on the Board by a number of senior Council staff, including Mark Charters. Bexley Mencap’s representatives are John Stanton, Julian Thornington and Steve Davies. Bexley Mencap’s proposal that Bexley SNAP should be represented was also agreed. Specifically, the Board will discuss changes proposed by the Council and issues that may result from these proposals, and agree principles about how the Council does things, within a shared recognition of the challenges the Council is facing.

Although keen to work with the Council, Bexley Mencap was also clear that there could be occasions where despite debate and discussion, there could be disagreement and they would campaign against decisions which they did not agree with.

Steve Davies, Bexley Mencap’s Service & Development Manager, commented ‘We know that like every other Council in the country, difficult decisions about services will need to be made. It is important for people with learning disabilities that we are able to put the case forward for effective services that meet identified needs. It is refreshing that the Council has acknowledged that there is room for improvement and I am sure that this move to joint working is a positive step forward. We are quick to point out when we think the Council has got it wrong. We need to be equally quick in praising positive action like this’.