Donations & 100 Club

Our 100 Club

To be in with a chance of being one of the lucky winners in the all new 100’s Club, just complete this form and send off with the payment method of your choice, and we will allocate you with your lucky number.
For only £1.00 a month paid by standing order or £12.00 a year paid in advance in full, your lucky number will be entered into the winning ways draw, every month, with two chances of winning.  
The 1st prize is £40.00, the 2nd prize £10.00.
The draw takes place on the 3rd Wednesday of every month and in accordance with the Small Lottery Regulations .

Being a winner is not a certainty, but the chance of helping a person with a learning disability, or their carer, is 100% guaranteed


We rely on financial assistance from people who value our work and want to see the lives of people with learning disabilities improved. 

You can help us by clicking HERE


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for future fundraising activities. We hope you can join us and support us.