Changing Places Toilet in Bexleyheath Broadway

The Changing Places toilet in Bexleyheath is bigger than a standard accessible toilet and has extra equipment and space for people with complex disabilities. 

What is the Changing Places toilet?

To use the toilet safely and comfortably, many people need more space and extra equipment.  

The Changing Places toilet has:

  • a hoist (slings are not provided)
  • an adult-sized, adjustable changing bench
  • a centrally placed toilet with room on either side
  • grab rails
  • non-slip flooring
  • extra space for carers

Where is the Changing Places toilet?

It is outside the Bexleyheath Central Library.  You will find a map at the bottom of this page.

The address is:  Royal Oak Road, Bexleyheath, DA6 7HJ


Who can use the Changing Places toilet?

It is for people who can’t use standard disabled toilets.  This might include people with:

  • profound and multiple learning disabilities
  • severe spinal injuries
  • cerebral palsy

It is also for people who might need extra support or a carer with them to use the toilet.


How do I get to use it?

You need to apply for a special key card that will let you in. The card is the size and shape of a bank or store card.

Only people who have a physical disability, a learning disability or an older person who needs extra support can apply.


How to get a key card

You will need to request a key card from Bexley Mencap.  The application form is short and will tell you everything that you need to do.

To get a card you need to receive higher rate Disability Living Allowance, PIP or hold a blue badge and send us a copy with your form.  If you do not have those but need access, please still complete the form and we will be in touch.

To request access you can:

Organisations in Bexley

If you work for an organisation that supports people in Bexley who are eligible to use the Changing Places toilet then you can apply for a card for your organisation to use.  Please complete the application form using details of a key contact within your organisation.

Guidelines for Use


  • Anyone wishing to use the toilet should be appropriately trained in the use of specialist equipment including hoists and changing benches. If the person is in any doubt about how to use the equipment, they should not use the facility.
  • Slings are not provided and it is the user’s responsibility to make sure their slings are compatible with the hoist. If there is any doubt whether the sling is compatible with the hoist, it should not be used until confirmed.
  • The toilet must be left clean and locked.  The hoist must be left in the charging position.


There are lots of other Changing Places toilets across the UK.  To find out more about Changing Places toilets or find other Changing Places nearby please visit the Changing Places Website.