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It’s not easy finding a job. People take one look at you and assume you can’t do anything. We were frustrated – especially Danny who has been looking for a job for ages. He’s been going to the job centre and looking everywhere, so we decided to make a DVD about it.
We worked with Titi who is from Headliners. She helped us make this film that gives advice to other people trying to find a job. We learned how to use the camera and interview people.
We all learnt so much since making the film; we have given presentations, got an accreditation and been involved in community projects!

Works for me

Works 4 Me is a brand new initiative run in partnership with Bexley Voluntary Services Council, Bexley Twofold and Re-Instate, and provides a free weekly training course, run over 16 weeks, with workshops on job-search and employment skills for those with autism, to enable them both to find work and stay in work.
Sessions will include key skills such as writing CVs, confidence building, how to conduct job searches, money matters, health and safety, and starting work.

Take a look at how we help people gain a job

If you’d like more information on Works 4 Me
please get in touch with Lisa Shand on 020 3045 3031
or email lisa.shand@bexley.gov.uk