Respect in Bexley

Respect has completed projects to improve health services, widen access to employment and is currently working with the police, community police and transport companies to make the local bus service safer.
As part of this 'Safer Transport' project, members of Respect questioned Mayor Boris Johnson when he visited Bexley in July.  You can see the video below

Respect in Bexley Quiz Boris

Self advocacy is distinctly different to that of citizen’s advocacy or short term advocacy, both of which have their value. Self-advocacy enables people with a learning disability to speak up for themselves and to make decisions about how they want to live their own lives. It means they can influence the design and delivery of services. However, Respect in Bexley is not just about individuals having a say in the provision of learning disability services. People with learning disabilities want to broaden their horizons and find out about the world, so they are supported to speak up in all areas of their lives. 

Our service is structured to take initiatives but not to take over, it is flexible and willing to change, is not easily shocked and does not judge, is trusted and is capable of receiving criticism.