A smashing time for Learning Disability Week!


Bexley Mencap’s tennis group were featured as part of a Special Sports & Information Day for National Learning Disability Awareness Week. Around 100 people with a learning disability and carers took part in the event which also included football from Bromley Town Academy and Kent Cricket.

As ever Tennis was very popular with both courts full of enthusiastic players. Mencap members and staff helped coach newcomers with a range of skills based exercises such as juggling and balancing as well as help in learning how to serve.  Several players needed no help at all in playing rallies over the net immediately. Others were fast learners and soon picked up the basic hand and eye co-ordination skills required. Just as importantly, everyone seemed to having fun and enjoying themselves.

The overall event was organised by Sharon Rodrigues, from Oxleas NHS Adult Learning Disability Service.  Sharon said: ‘It was great to see so many people at the event. The day is all about enabling people with a learning disability and their carers to meet each other and our learning disability teams so that they can keep well in the community. All the sporting activities were well attended especially the tennis and gave people a chance to play sports they might not have tried before.’

Nick Marsden Bexley Mencap’s Tennis Coach said: ‘Great effort from all the players. It’s always fantastic to see such enthusiasm and by the end of the session, lots of the players had mastered the basic technique of serving and volleying and hitting through the ball. I hope everyone had a smashing time!’

Next month on 16th July, Bexley Mencap is helping to organise a special LTA Matchplay tennis event with other local partners. This will be another chance for players to demonstrate their skills and have more tennis coaching in a friendly and supportive setting at the club.