Meet the Team


Adam – Membership and Engagement Officer

  • I started working at Bexley Mencap in 2017.  I speak up for people with Learning Disability as I understand, I am sympathetic & I like to make people smile.  I work with the partnership board, Mencap’s Members Voice, TFL, also doing easy read, going to GP’s & teaching nurses at University of Greenwich.
  • I like socialising, video games, meals out & Facebook.
  • Fun Fact: In 2019 I went to the Houses of Parliament speaking to 80 MPs about learning disabilities and PIP payments 

Diane – Support Worker

  • I’ve only had 2 jobs; Barclays Bank, I started in 1980 and worked there for 34 years. I officially become a member of staff at Bexley Mencap April 2015 (although I started in Nov 2014)  
  • I enjoy spending time with family and friends, cooking, anything involving art/crafts 
  • Fun Fact: Pass the Dutchie by Music Youth is my go to Karaoke song 

Gemma – Support Worker

  • I have supported people with learning disabilities for 17 years. I have managed supported living services and a day centre.  
  • I enjoy reading, spending time with family, going out with my friends. 
  • Fun fact: I love the theatre! I wish that I could sing and act so I could be a part of it! 

Jane – Self-Advocacy Worker and Trusted Partner

  • I have worked at Bexley Mencap for 14 1/2 years  
  • I like Strictly Come Dancing  
  • Fun Fact: I lived and worked in Minnesota, North America 

Kara – Chief Executive

  • Before working at Bexley Mencap I worked at Bexley SNAP and BVSC.  I’ve worked with disabled people for over 20 years now because it was my first job and I loved it so carried on.
  • I enjoy spending time with my family, going to see musicals and started to really enjoy gardening during the pandemic (I’m just not very good at it!)
  • Fun fact – I lived and worked in Austria for 5 years and loved being out in the snow even though I hate being cold!

Kathryn – Family Support Co-ordinator and Trusted Partner

  • I have worked with people with learning disabilities for 22 years
  • I like musical theatre
  • Fun Fact: I can scuba dive!

Kayleigh – Trusted Partner

  • I love animals, my absolute favourite animal being dogs 
  • I am curious, I really enjoy learning about new things 
  • Fun Fact: I love cake and enjoy baking

Kim – Support Worker

  • I worked for local government for 37 years, in various roles but last few years was a licensing office which even included dangerous wild animals! I was also a dinner lady & joined Bexley Mencap September 2017 as a support worker.
  • My main hobby is family history & I have traced one part of my family back to the 1600s.
  • Fun Fact: I like making people laugh & have been told quite a few times that I should be a comedian …..well there is still time

Lorraine – Changing Places Administrator

  • I started working for Bexley Mencap in August 2021
  • I like singing & Strictly Come Dancing
  • Fun fact: I went to Turkey recently which was the first time I have flown on a plane

Neil – Support Worker

  • I am from Eltham and I ran a business selling Greeting cards and stationery. 
  • I like meeting friends and going out to restaurants, reading history books and going on holiday! 
  • Fun fact: I actually enjoy housework!

Nick – Income and Development Officer

  • I worked as a HR Manager in the NHS and was a volunteer with Bexley Mencap for 6 years before I joined as a paid member of staff. 
  • I am an active runner and member of 2 local running groups and have run 12 marathons in all and loads of half marathons. 
  • Fun fact: I have climbed the highest mountain in England (Scafell Pike) Wales (Snowdonia) and Scotland (Ben Nevis) but I’m still afraid of heights! 

Rachel – Support Worker

  • I have worked with people with learning disabilities for 13 years
  • I like gardening
  • Fun fact: I don’t like the look of raisins, they give me the chills!

Rob – Cleaner

  • I have had various jobs; being a welder, gardener, and I have worked with Bexley Mencap for 7 years
  • I like all sports and support Arsenal Men’s & Ladies football club.  I like all music and love live gigs.
  • Fun fact: I did the Santa Fun Run 2019 in which I dressed up as Santa. I look forward to doing it again as really enjoyed it!

Scott – Community Support Manager

  • I have been supporting adults with learning disabilities for 13 ½ years – helping people to learn new skills and improve their confidence makes me very happy 
  • I like playing and watching football, socialising and films (especially Star Wars!) 
  • Fun fact: Using only my face and neck movements, I can get a Pringle from my forehead in to my mouth in just a few seconds!

Seryna – Administrator

  • I have had various jobs over the years: printer, butcher, 10 years working at Dartford swimming pool & then 6 years at Aldi.  Bexley Mencap has been the most rewarding.
  • I like to make people laugh, as laughter is a good therapy.  I also like to have PJ days watching box sets.
  • Fun fact: I am a bit of a plane spotter & know of some good spots to get a great view 🙂

Sharon – Support Worker

  • I have experience working alongside children with Down syndrome and in different mental health professional roles. I have recently joined Bexley Mencap and I am enjoying this new journey in my career. 
  • I enjoy spending quality time with family, have a fondness for dogs, love shopping, listening to Bollywood music, exploring new places and trying different foods.
  • Fun fact: I’ve got a weakness for all things sweet!

Simon – Access to Health Project Co-ordinator

  • I have worked alongside people with a learning disability and their families for 42 years. Its has been a large part of my life and I have met some fantastic people along the way.  
  • I enjoy tennis, antiques and boot fayres.  
  • Fun fact:  My most embarrassing moment was when I dropped a piece of pottery on the antiques roadshow. It smashed into a thousand pieces so I will never know if it was worth a fortune.  Luckily the clip never made it past the cutting room floor!  

Steve – Operations Manager



Vikki – Support Worker

  • As a creative person with bundles of energy, I have enjoyed many different jobs in my lifetime. Working in brand design in Pimlico/London was an eye opening experience! But not half as much fun as we have here at Mencap. 
  • I love to run, really far, really high, through the mud, along the sand. It makes me feel so free and I am always planning the next race or adventure. 
  • Fun fact: The most bizarre feeling I have experienced is whilst I was riding a horse through deep water, who then began to swim with me on his back and then a manatee swam past us!