100 Runs! Our volunteer Vikki running for Bexley Mencap

Congratulations to Bexley Mencap volunteer, Vikki Russell for having completed 100 runs in a row during lockdown.

Yes, that’s right, Vikki has been out running every day and at the last count has raised over £765 for Bexley Mencap.

Along the way she ran a grand total of 455 miles and had to buy a new pair of running shoes because her old pair became worn out!

On her 99th run she ran along the river Cray and watched the swans gracefully gliding by. It all seemed so easy for them, she said!

For her final 100th run, her young son Jim ran with her, as she ran up and down the hilly roads of Barnehurst.

We caught up with Vikki having a well deserved rest and asked her a few questions about her great achievement.


We started by asking what inspired her 100 day running challenge.

‘I think the key to keeping mentally strong for this challenging was looking at how others inspire you. Captain Tom Moore was an inspiration, I planned a “strava art” running route for his 100th birthday and was determined to run it.’


What sort of weather did you run in?

‘I think I experienced every weather condition possibly during that run, rain, hailstones, sleet!’


What did you most enjoy on your runs?

Running new roads and escaping into the local woods was a highlight, nature is really on our doorsteps and you can appreciate the seasons changing. Watching the bluebells come and go. It is good for your mind to escape sometimes.’


What kept you going?

‘Thinking of what fantastic funds Captain Tom Moore had raised for the NHS (£33 million!) kept me running’.


And finally, any message for us?

 ‘You can find inspiration from so many of your friends and family. Just people being kind to each other has really helped us through these challenging times.’


Not all of us can run for 100 days but we can be nice to our friends and family and encourage and look after each other – especially at the moment.

Well done Vikki and thank you for your continued support